Former private investigator joins HT staff

RBC I Former (and recently returned) resident of Meeker, Brett Dearman started his career in information technology in 1984, teaching himself how to use an Apple IIe in a real estate office environment. This was the springboard that ultimately landed him in the field of information security and more specifically, digital forensics and investigations. Dearman has been a certified digital forensic examiner for the last 17 years as well as a licensed private investigator for the last eight years.

In his spare time, he has also spent a great deal of time writing technical whitepapers as well as human interest stories for local newspapers such as the Abbeville Meridional in Abbeville, Louisiana. Dearman has even made a number of television appearances at three of the major television stations in the Houston, Texas area with subject matter primarily focused on the field of cyber-crime.
When his last engagement came to an end, he and his wife Holli decided the time was right to move back to their hometown of Meeker. Rather than go into full retirement, Dearman decided that he would pursue a somewhat different line of work; writing for the Herald Times. As well as regular reporting on local events, look for his series of articles in the coming weeks on the subject of protecting yourself on the internet.