Former Spartan becomes youngest basketball coach in state of Massachusetts

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RANGELY | Colorado Northwestern Community College brings a lot of great things to Rio Blanco County, but it’s not every day that we get to see what’s next for some of CNCC’s students.

Timmance McKinney played men’s basketball for the Spartans during the 2016-2017 season. McKinney’s personal basketball career ended due to a knee injury, but his passion for basketball didn’t stop there.

After graduating from CNCC, McKinney—the first person in his family to graduate college—moved back to Boston, Massachusetts, and created a mentoring program for kids where they work out, play sports and do homework together. Then he started a traveling basketball program and then he began coaching basketball at the middle school and high school JV level. After coaching for two years, McKinney, 25, became the youngest head varsity coach in the state of Massachusetts.

He claims that his time at CNCC is a big reason why he is where he is.

“During my time at CNCC I spent a lot of time working with current head coach Nate Terrin who was an assistant coach at the time. Coach Nate really helped me get through hard times like being far away from home. He also helped me work on my game every day. Nate Terrin is a big reason why I wanted to get into coaching after my time in Rangely,” McKinney said.