From My Window: A busy week looking out the window in all directions

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Sean McMahon, Editor
Sean McMahon, Editor
The saying goes regarding Colorado’s weather, “Wait around for five minutes, and the weather will change.” That was true 60 years ago, It is true today, only it isn’t only relative to weather. The last week seems to have been a study in change.

There was rain, snow, hail and sunshine.
There was a variety of activities, including the annual Colorado Northwestern Community College Foundation Dinner and Auction, the Rangely and 9Health fairs in Rangely and Meeker, the Meeker High School Prom, the highly promoted program on Bruce Jenner, who certainly was one of the heroes of my childhood, and I’m not even talking about watching all the television promotions for next weekend’s boxing match—most likely the richest of all time—between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao.
This past weekend was a good one for just sitting back, reading, watching television or reflecting on just about anything that would pop into one’s mind.
One of the first things that came into my mind was the difference in the Meeker and Rangely attitudes as far as fundraisers are concerned.
Both towns have those who spend a lot of money.
In Meeker, it seems that it is the corporations that give. In Rangely, the perception is that it is the people who give. Regardless of which town you are talking about, you can tell which corporations in Meeker are going to be the givers and in Rangely, one knows which individuals will be the the big spenders.
But nothing seems to pull out the local money quite like the CNCC Foundation Dinner, which sees the big bucks roll out from all around Rangely.
Unless you count all the money raised through all the animals being auctioned off at the Rio Blanco County Fair, nothing comes close to raising the funds that are raised during the CNCC Foundation Dinner, which has the primary goal of raising money for student scholarships, which is a most honorable purpose.
I didn’t have a whole lot of time to just sit down and relax on Saturday with an early start taking photos at the 9Health Fair in the morning at Pioneers Medical Center and meeting a commitment at 10 p.m. at the Fairfield Center to shoot photos of the Meeker High School prom royalty.
It does seem that those at the prom had a very good time. There was a catered dinner, which I understand was “pretty good,” a couple of participants said. At 10 p.m. was the royal march followed by dancing until 1 a.m., then the seniors and juniors who were allowed to, moved over to the ERBM Recreation Center to continue their festivities until about 3 a.m.
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Bruce Jenner is four years older than I am, and I can safely say that he was one of the all-time athletes around, having won the title of “best athlete in the world” in 1976 after winning the gold medal in decathlon.
I never had the honor of meeting Mr. Jenner, and long admired him. He obviously disappeared from the limelight for several years but I was slightly excited to see him on TV again in the story of Kardashian family following the death of noted father and lawyer Robert Kardashian.
I must admit it didn’t take too long to get a bit tired of the Kardashian females and I quit watching the clan on TV—something I still don’t do.
But I did admit it caught my attention about two or three weeks ago, when Bruce was obviously on this way to transgenderism and becoming “her” as he said this past weekend.
Quite a surprise! There is nothing about his life—past, present or future —that I envy him for.
I wish him all the best on his voyage and hope that if he ever finds out where that voyage is taking him that he is happy.