From My Window… Heartwarming support for Avery; busy start to September

Sean McMahon ~ Editor
Sean McMahon ~ Editor
It is truly heartwarming to see a community jump behind one of its members and throw out a rope to help support that member who has fallen prey to a truly tough time.
Such is the case with Avery Michels, a beautiful 2-year-old resident of Meeker who is already a patient of brain surgeries needed to put a halt to severe epileptic seizures.
On Friday afternoon, despite a torrential rain and the relocating of most Meekerpalooza activities from the Rio Blanco County Courthouse lawn to the county fairgrounds in Meeker, pretty close to 100 persons were present when 100 butterflies were released from a net-covered basket in Avery’s name.
Donations from businesses and friends paid for the the gathering of the butterflies, which were sold to raise funds for the Michels to help defray a part of the health care expenses involved in Avery’s treatments.
When the release was completed and Avery’s beautiful smile was beaming, her mother, Becky, spoke to the crowd circled around the release location at the Rio Blanco County Veterans’ Memorial.
Short and to the point, Becky said, “I have lived here my whole life and never have I been so proud of anything as I am of my community, which has shown us so much support and assistance. I have seen this town support so many others in the past and here they have done it again.”
It is important to have a community that can be relied on, and that is one of the true bonuses of living in a small town. Many people had a role in the release of those butterflies and, as Becky said, “Here they have done it again.”
That makes one feel pretty good.

It was real squeaker, but it was good to see the Broncos hold off the St. Louis Rams for a one-point win in their third pre-season game.
The Broncos have had their personnel problems and they are truly going to miss Von Miller for however many games he does end up missing, but the Broncos showed that Miller isn’t the only good player on defense.
Absolutely one of the most frustrating things during my years outside of Colorado was not being able to see the Broncos games. For some unknown reason, if there was any kind of a conflict while trying to watch the Broncos in Arizona, we would end up getting the San Diego Charger games instead. That’s tough on a Bronco fan.
That would be like living in Boulder and only getting to watch the Nebraska Cornhuskers or Oklahoma Sooners on TV. God spare us.

It looks like the late summer rains are here to stay — at least for a little while.
These monsoons, which usually begin in Arizona, are known to run from about the Fourth of July to Labor Day, which is less than a week away.
Then, if the rains continue, it is a good bet that the rains aren’t coming from Arizona after that.
The bonus for hunters is that this precipitation will keep things green, wet and the forage in great shape for those hunting almost every time of big game Colorado has to offer, particularly the grazers like elk, deer, moose and antelope.
Yep, it’s looking right now like conditions will be pretty good for the hunters this fall.

Welcome to Labor Day weekend.
It seems kind of strange to be patting ourselves on the back for what we do nearly every day of our life, but the laborers of this county are truly the lifeblood of this nation and without the work they do on a daily basis, this country wouldn’t exist.
It is nice to see the employment picture brightening a bit in many parts of the nation, and we should not ever forget the contributions that all levels of workers make to the strength of this nation.
The workers support those who cannot work due to economy, age, health, mental state and, unfortunately, they support those who refuse to work and who would rather live off government handouts for no other reason than they are lazy.
The argument of union labor versus right to work will rage on for years to come, but, regardless of one’s belief, those who do work make this country the world power it is.
Thank you to all who work and those who have worked for many years and are now in retirement.

Again as a newcomer to the White River Valley, I look forward to taking in my first Meeker Sheepdog Classic, which gets started on Wednesday.
I have seen sheepdog trials on TV, usually held in a place like Scotland. But the thought of having them here in Meeker is quite intriguing.
It is amazing to watch those herding dogs gather the sheep and single-handedly steer the sheep into a holding pen. Sheep are not usually followers who head blindly in one direction like an open gate.
They can be terribly independent minded and drive a dog and the shepherd crazy with their own wills — often with opposite plans in mind.
Hats off to the handlers. These are true professionals, and I am sure it will be a real delight to watch them execute.
Besides, I am really looking forward to a bit of lamb on the grill.

Meeker seems to have been the focal point for large activities this summer, with Range Call, the Rio Blanco County Fair, the Meekerpalooza and the OHV gathering here recently. But this weekend belongs exclusively to the Town of Rangely.
The annual four-day Septemberfest begins Friday at 7 p.m. with a magician, sponsored by NAPA Auto Parts, at Rangely Junior/Senior High School auditorium and concluding Monday with a duck race, sponsored by STUCO, from 5 to 6 p.m. at the Green River Bridge.
In between those events, Saturday events feature railroad tours, the Fast, Flat and Free 5K run, a bike rally, a day in the park with free games, a bench press contest, a chili cook-off contest and the Rock ‘N’Bull ‘N Barrels event at the Rio Blanco County Fairgrounds in Rangely.
On Sunday is the Rangely Museum’s ice cream social, a cardboard boat race, the muddy Dip ‘N Dash and the mud tug-o-war.
Monday’s action begins with the Fireman’s Pancake Breakfast from 6:30 to 8:30 a.m. at the Fire Hall and that is followed by the annual Septemberfest parade at 9 a.m., crafts and car shows beginning at 10 a.m. in the park, a team cribbage tournament, a barbecue, music provided by the Justin Lane Band, Win It In a Minute challenges, and the wrap-up event with the duck race.
It all looks like good ol’ family fun, and I am looking forward to being there for another first-time event in my life.

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