From My Window… Honesty a great thing to find; good luck teams; ice getting thin

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Sean McMahon, Editor
Sean McMahon, Editor
I truly appreciate an act of honestly, and last week’s action by a Meeker merchant actually caught me off guard, but cognizant of a great act.

I had gone to a particular restaurant about 10 days earlier. My wife and I had received a bill for $17. When we were done, we left a tip on the table and went to the cash register. While I went to the restroom, my wife paid the bill unbeknownst to me. When I returned, she went to the restroom and I paid the bill.
We left.
On Wednesday, we returned to the same restaurant. After we ordered and were sitting there awaiting out lunch to arrive, the owner walked up to the table, handed me a packet of money and aid, “I owe you this. When you were in here the last time, you paid twice.”
With my eyes wide open, I looked at the stapled stack of money and counted out $17. And scribbled into a little corner of the top bill was “herald-times.” That was all.
He said that by the time he was made aware of our mistake, we had already departed. He said he asked the waiter who it was and they figured out somehow that it was me and my wife.
About two days after we had gone to the restaurant, my wife asked if I had the change from $50 she had paid the bill with. I told her I didn’t think I had. I looked into my wallet and there was about $12 in there. I told her, no, I didn’t have any change.
We didn’t know where the money had gone because I hadn’t spent a thing in those two days and if I had collected the change I would still have had it.
We both kind of scratched our heads and decided to let the issue go, me thinking she had the change and my wife thinking I had the change.
So, it was a pleasant surprise when the business owner returned the stack of money to me. I was puzzled, hadn’t even suspected that we may have paid twice and, I had actually forgotten about the incident.
Thank you, Arturo. It was truly a pleasure doing business with you and it was even more impressive to see the measures you went through to return the money. It was an act of kindness and honesty not often seen, and, most importantly, I thank you.

I couldn’t help but notice while driving to Rangely on Saturday afternoon and returning to Meeker on Sunday at noon that there were folks ice fishing on Rio Blanco Lake.
I also stopped to take a photo of how the ice is cracking, is blue in some places under thin ice and actually had open water on the lake.
I point to three drownings on the Front Range reported with people going through the ice, that perhaps the best ice for ice fishing has passed on Rio Blanco Lake.
There is a lot of thin ice, open water also on Kenney Reservoir, and I would imagine that the Department of Parks and Wildlife would recommend that neither lake is now fit for ice fishing.
Please use common sense, folks. No one wants to see any drownings or serious accidents on Rio Blanco County waters this time of year.
Remember, safety first. Please make certain that the ice is thick enough to hold you before venturing out there!

The sports teams from Meeker and Rangely middle and high schools are about to head into regional, district or state tournaments.
Each of the athletes involved with their various sports has worked hard all season long; some teams having better luck than the others, but all deserving of making the playoffs
Best of luck to all the teams. Remember the importance of sportsmanship and that you are each representing your home towns and schools.

Congratulations to the Rangely Chamber of Commerce and the Rio Blanco County Stockgrowers’ Association as both groups had successful annual gatherings on Saturday—the annual Crab Crack at Colorado Northwest Community College in Rangely for the chamber and the Stockgrowers’ annual meeting and dinner dance in Meeker.
The food was spectacular at both events, both had full houses for their respective dinners and lots of fun was had by both groups.
It is unfortunate that both groups met on the same day as many folks said they would like to have attended both events, as had been possible in past years.
Hopefully, someone will check the calendars and this kind of scheduling won’t happen next year.
But either way, both events were a success, and that is a good thing.