Full-scale emergency exercise to be carried out by county in May

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RBC I For the better part of a year, Rio Blanco County Emergency Management Director Ty Gates has been creating a plot that’s worthy of a screenwriting award. But this plot isn’t for a movie, it’s for training purposes.

On May 19-20 law enforcement officers, county staff, fire and ambulance crews, industry reps, and others will participate in a detailed full-scale training exercise that will give them the opportunity to test all levels of emergency response—from communication to personnel to equipment—in the event of a multi-layered domestic threat.
Aspects of the exercise will take place in various places around the county, primarily in the Piceance Basin. Residents may witness a high level of law enforcement activity on Friday, May 19, as multiple participants “respond” to pre-arranged scenes.
Preparation for the exercise has been underway for quite some time, and will afford the agencies and industry partners involved a valuable opportunity to determine how well their emergency systems fare under extreme pressure.
On May 20, participants will review the exercise to determine what worked well, what needs work, and what, if anything, failed.