Fundraiser for Rangely Cemetery memorial wall

Ellen Boudreaux is hoping to raise funds to install a memorial wall at Rangely Cemetery.


Ellen Boudreaux is hosting a fundraiser to build a memorial wall at Rangely Cemetery to honor folks who have been cremated. 

Her vision is to raise enough money to place one or two granite walls or “tablets” in Rangely Cemetery where families can buy blocks to honor their loved ones. Each block is big enough to inscribe the person’s name, possibly their spouse/children’s names, and an epitaph. There will be approximately 33 blocks on each side of each tablet. Ellen hopes to inspire the community to donate so that a section of the Rangely Cemetery can be dedicated for families to sit, visit and hold a space for their loved ones. In her vision, a bench under a shady tree next to the wall is the ideal design. 

Currently in Rangely, there is no memorial for loved ones who are cremated. At Meeker Highland Cemetery, there are four memorial tablets surrounded by gardens in memory of those who do not have a formal burial site. Due to changing economic status and the costly expense of burials, more people are choosing cremation. 

Each wall, including the granite slab and cement foundation, costs about $20,000. Each block costs about $300 and the engraving ranges from $300-400. Boudreaux explained that the Rangey Cemetery Board doesn’t have funds for this type of project and for this vision to come to fruition, it will be dependent on citizens and surviving loved ones.

Those who wish to donate can donate directly to the Rangely Cemetery District bank account at the Bank of San Juans or mail to Rangely Cemetery District, P.O. Box 395, Rangely, Colorado, 81648.

By KATIE KING – Special to the Herald Times