Get a deal on dental from CNCC dental hygiene students

RBC I You can get a great deal on a dental exam and help CNCC’s dental hygiene students complete their clinical course work by making an appointment for a checkup.

What to expect Students at CNCC ensure to do a thorough comprehensive examination of the mouth. In this, they look at all things in the oral cavity and record it in your updated dental chart with our clinic. You can expect appointment times ranging from 1-3 hours.


The benefit of getting treatment done at our clinic is our price and quality of care. For example, in a private clinic for a patient that needs a deep cleaning (periodontal therapy), the price can easily cost $1,200. At our clinic, it’s a flat $25 fee. As for patient care, we focus on the comfort of our patients. If you suffer from sensitive teeth or gums, our students are trained on using anesthetic injections and nitrous (nitrous available in Fall semester) to ensure your visit is as comfortable as possible. An additional benefit of the longer appointment times, is that we make sure everything is cleaned and there is no residue left. This is accomplished by the instructors checking the students work and having them fix the areas they missed.


At our clinic we offer an array of services to be provided to our patients.


As a school, we focus on patient education to help prevent any further damage to the teeth. At our clinic, we can teach our patients other methods on brushing your teeth/dentures/partials/bridges, how to properly use floss, recommendations on products to use at home (toothpastes, mouthwashes etc.), explain the dangers of gingivitis and periodontal disease, and overall explanation of the benefits of our dental treatment. We can give our patients the tools to understand how to prevent damage of their teeth, but on top of that, in clinic, we also offer sealants and fluoridated treatments to help.


Full mouth series, bitewings, and panoramic.


Full mouth debridement and calculus/tartar removal with hand instruments or ultrasonic scalers.


Deep cleaning (root cleanings/periodontal therapy), oral DNA culture, and laser treatment


Anesthesia: Local oral injections, nitrous, and topical anesthetic to prevent any pain.


We do comprehensive oral examinations to identify areas with cavities, abscesses and many more abnormalities to send a referral to your respective dentist.


THIS PROGRAM DOES NOT take the place of a periodic examination and diagnosis by your dentist, or services provided by a dentist, such as fillings, crowns, root canals, extractions, partials, or dentures. Note: Radiographs (x-rays) will be taken and sent by request.


Adult patients (18-54) – $25.00
Senior Citizens (55+) – $10.00
Children (4-17) – $10.00
Clinical Final Exam Patients – $0.00
Military Personnel (National Guard, Active, Retired) – $0.00
Happy Visits (3 & Under) – $0.00
Patients with Medicaid – $0.00

Dental insurance is not needed to be seen. We do not bill patient’s insurance. No matter how many services you receive or plan on receiving, our clinic only charges a flat fee as indicated above. For example, if an adult were to get a panoramic x-ray, periodontal therapy, and injections, the total cost in a private clinic would be $1,300+ easily. At our clinic, the total cost of treatment will be $25

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