Golf manager joins Cedar Ridges team

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Ridges Golf Course welcomes
new manager Chris
Hejl for the 2008 golf season.
Hejl was graduated from
RHS in 1999 and 2005 from
Mesa State with a degree in
mass communications. The
native returned home to do
something different in golf.
He has four seasons of golf
course maintenance under
his belt along with four years
of off-course experience in
retail from working at
Hansen Brothers Golf and
Hockey in Grand Junction.
“I’ve played since I was
7,” Hejl states, then does the
math in his head and smiles.
“That’s 19 years. Am I really
that old?”
Hejl wants to continue the
past success that Cedar
Ridges has had throughout
the years. He hopes to
grow the number of
golfers within the community.
“It’s not an elitist
sport like it comes off as,
especially in Rangely,”
he said.
He wants to and
already sees a little bit of
everyone at the golf
course. Hejl wants people
to realize that it [golf]
is for everyone, not just a
select group of people.
Cedar Ridges isn’t a
country club type of
Also in the works is a
plan to encourage more
out of town golfers. Hejl
has connections from the
Grand Junction area from
working at the various golf
courses and dealing with customers
at Hansen Brothers.
The first tournaments
scheduled for Cedar Ridges
this year are the four-person
scramble May 17 and the
Memorial Day two-person
Best Ball May 24.