Guest Column: District implements ‘The Seven Mindsets’

MEEKER | The 2018-2019 Meeker School District school year has begun! The beginning of every school year brings great anticipation and excitement. Each year, we are afforded the privilege to help students grow and learn while encouraging them to reach their maximum potential. The essence of the Meeker School District mission statement holds this privilege as it states, “It is the mission of the Meeker School District to seek the highest possible level of success for each student. The District will provide a safe environment in which students learn those skills necessary to become well-informed citizens and contributing members of society.”

We have been successful in achieving this mission through our core curriculum and through the wonderful relationships our staff build with our students. For the 2018-2019 school year, we are implementing an additional program called The Seven Mindsets. This program focuses on seven character development areas which will help students accomplish our mission statement. The seven mindsets addressed in this program are categorized as: everything is possible, passion first, we are connected, 100 percent accountable, attitude of gratitude, live to give and the time is now. Once a week on “Mindset Mondays” a 30-minute lesson based on one of these mindsets will be presented to every student in the school district. Additional information on this program can be found at or at our individual schools.

Our school district is blessed with numerous phenomenal students who come from strong families. The Seven Mindsets will serve as a useful tool to support the values instilled in our students by their parents and help students build on or develop skills necessary to become successful adults.

The Meeker School District has engaged in The Seven Mindsets curriculum because we know there are character traits our students must develop to be successful members of our society. While many of these traits can be developed and implemented through our core academic curriculum, they are not necessarily the main focus of that curriculum. The Seven Mindsets program provides us the resources and frameworks to be intentional about developing attributes such as perseverance, responsibility, accountability, passion and gratitude.

Educators are provided the opportunity to positively impact the lives of children every day. The Meeker School District staff embrace this opportunity The Seven Mindsets simply provides additional structure to meet this opportunity and achieve the Meeker School District mission statement. This program will serve to strengthen the fantastic partnership between our students, parents, school staff, and community. These partnerships and the phenomenal young women and men that develop from them are another reason for me to proclaim that I am proud to be a Meeker Cowboy!

Chris Selle

By Chris Selle | MSD Superintendent