Guest column: Plan ahead for high school building work

MEEKER | In the coming days there will be a number of changes to Meeker High School and an increase in moving and construction activities associated with our building project. While the following lists are intended to share the majority of these changes that impact students, staff and community members, there may be alterations or activities in addition to the list below. If you have any questions about what is occurring at the high school with respect to the building project, please feel free to contact Amy Chinn at 970-878-9070 or Chris Selle at 970-878-9040.
– Moving of some instructional spaces will begin over spring break.
– The following programs/spaces will move no later than the end of spring break: ag shop/classroom, wood shop, weight room, art, credit recovery, Spanish, and boys locker room. A floor plan showing the temporary location of these spaces can be found at
– The remaining moves will occur over the summer.
– Abatement of hazardous materials will begin over spring break. To hold our schedule for subsequent demolition and construction, we need to start abatement work prior to the end of the 2018-19 school year.
– Abatement activities occurring in an occupied building do not compromise the safety of the building’s occupants. The school district’s environmental consultant is developing a fact sheet that will be shared with students, staff and community members which outlines the steps taken to ensure the safety of building occupants while abatement activities are occurring.
– Spaces undergoing abatement will be closed off to all students, staff and community during the abatement.
– Timeline:
> Over spring break, the Tartan floor (which contains mercury) in the girls locker room and cafeteria will be removed. Air quality tests are conducted following abatement, and these spaces will be occupied once these test show the air quality as returned to normal. After spring break, the girls visiting locker room will be used as the boys locker room until the new facilities have been completed.
> Following spring break, the Tartan flooring in the boys locker room and auxiliary gym will be removed.
> Concurrently, abatement work on the ag classroom/shop, weight room, wood shop, and art room will begin.
> Following abatement on the south end of the building, the abatement work will transition to any unoccupied space on the north end of the building, if school is still in session.
> Over summer, abatement of flooring material will occur for all of the classrooms and hallways on the north end of the building.
parking/traffic flow:
– Starting March 18, 2019, the south parking lot will be closed off and used only for construction vehicles.
– The west side of the west parking lot will be opened back up for student parking, and will remain open for staff/visitor parking. The north parking lot will still be available for student, staff and visitor parking.
– The bus pick up and drop off will move to the north parking lot after spring break.
giveaway/garage sale:
– We will hold a giveaway and garage sale in the wood shop on March 15 from 4-7 p.m. and March 16 from 7:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.
– Shop tools and/or equipment will be the primary offerings at this event, though there may be a few additional miscellaneous items.


By Chris Selle

MSD Superintendent