Guest Column: Record voter turnout

RBC | I would like to thank all of the Rio Blanco County citizens who voted in the 2018 General Election. There are 4,018 active voters in this county and 3,128 of you voted. That comes to a higher than usual 77.8 percent turnout. I have compiled a spreadsheet showing the votes by precinct. If you would like a copy, please contact me or Shawn Luce, Chief Deputy Clerk, at 970-878-9460.
All of the incumbent county officials: Anthony Mazzola, Boots Campbell, Renae Neilson and Leif Joy were re-elected. Gary Moyer will be the new county commissioner taking Shawn Bolton’s seat. Laura Smith will be the new county coroner since Albert Krueger is retiring and Rhonna Waldref will be the new treasurer and public trustee since Karen Arnold is retiring. The Meeker School District bond issue passed and Proposition 112 regarding new additional setbacks for oil and gas was defeated in Rio Blanco County and at the state level.
The county officials who were elected or re-elected will be taking their oath of office on Tuesday, Jan. 8 at 11 a.m. in the commissioner’s hearing room on the third floor of the courthouse. The public is welcome to attend.

By BOOTS CAMPBELL | RBC Clerk and Recorder