Hang gliding event draws more than 20 competitors

hangglider launch
A competitor at the 2017 Dinosaur Open hang gliding event prepares to launch from Cliff Ridge near Dinosaur. The event continues through Saturday. René harden photo
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DINOSAUR | Concerns that the Dead Dog fire would disrupt the Dinosaur Open 2017 hang gliding competition did not come to pass.
More than 20 competitors took to the launch site at Cliff Ridge on Blue Mountain, northwest of Dinosaur starting Sunday, June 18. The competition continues through Saturday, June 24.
The competitors are launching each day around noon, and depending on the direction of the winds, landing in one of five designated landing areas: Craig, Hayden, Maybell, Meeker and Rangely.
The launch site is the best location for spectators. Specific directions to the launch site are available at www.dinosaur17.com.