Herald Times introduces new feature

RBC |  Technological innovation has always presented a challenge for newspapers. From the introduction of radio, to television, to the internet, print’s doom has been predicted. Newspapers added websites, created online editions, joined social media and did pretty much whatever they could to continue getting the news to people, all while holding dearly to the “legacy” print edition.

Augmented reality is new technology that literally brings print to life right before your eyes.

By using the free Zappar smartphone app to scan a code in the paper, what looks like a still picture will suddenly become a video on your phone or tablet screen. The codes can be connected to video, audio, websites, and more, and can be interactive.

In a community with no local radio or television, this app will give us the opportunity to share video highlights from sports events, award presentations, audio interviews, and more.

We had a few “Zaps” in the July 5 edition, and have a few more this week. Download the app from your app store, look for the Zap code in the paper, scan the code, and watch your newspaper come to life. You never know what’s hiding in those pages!