Hidden in the Cloud

It has taken a long time for me to get used to conducting daily business in this digital world. Many of us are moving steadily forward, but some of us continue to flounder around. I am one of those who remain baffled when a problem arises with my smartphone or laptop. That helpless feeling, of being powerless and inexperienced comes over me, when my first obstacle to completing the task at hand appears.

One morning I discovered that I could not make a phone call because my contact list, with all the names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses had vanished. Suddenly faced with an empty screen, I only knew I had not deleted any of my contacts — business or family and friends. I just decided to check the recent call list on my phone and start a new list. It didn’t even occur to me that our old family iPad was freshly fine-tuned and all our information cleaned off for our favorite elementary school student’s use. The other thing that slipped my mind was that I had been keeping all my documents and information uploaded to the Apple “Cloud.” How silly this particular technological tool sounds with its whimsical name, but it’s such a practical solution.

By DOLLY VISCARDI – Special to the Herald Times

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