Highway 13 construction to begin Aug. 3

RBC I The next phase of road construction on Highway 13 will start Aug. 3 with surveying. Actual construction will start on Aug. 10.
A complete reconstruction of the roadway will take place between Mile Marker 30.1 and the rest area at Mile Marker 27.
New fencing construction will take place an additional mile and a half to Mile Marker 25.5
The speed limit in the construction zone will be reduced to 35 mph when workers are present and 50 mph when they are not, seven days a week. Since the last phase of construction, speeding fines have gone up.
The fines for construction zones are doubled and range from $344 to $677, depending on how fast above the limit a driver is going.
Construction will go until Nov. 1, at which time it will shut down for the winter and resume in late spring 2010.