History Colorado taking grant applications

RBC I History Colorado is announcing the second grant application deadline of 2015 for its nationally recognized historic preservation grants program, the State Historical Fund.

Grant applications must be postmarked Oct. 1 to be considered for funding. If applicants are hand-delivering their applications, they must be received by the State Historical Fund by 5 p.m. on Oct. 1.
Since its inception in 1991, the State Historical Fund has awarded more than 4,000 grants to communities in all 64 Colorado counties, totaling a more than $263 million investment in historic preservation in Colorado. In 2014 alone, the State Historical Fund awarded $8,444,303 in preservation grants.
State Historical Fund grants are awarded for education, survey and planning, and acquisition and development of historic properties. Projects range from the restoration of historic courthouses to rehabilitation of agricultural properties to development of educational materials to teach youth about architecture and historic preservation—and everything in between.
State Historical Fund grant recipients receive not only financial support, but the expertise of History Colorado’s preservation specialists, contracts and financial specialists, and marketing and communications specialists to ensure their project upholds strong preservation standards and is publicized online and in local communities and throughout the state.
State Historical Fund grant applications are accepted twice a year in April and October, and grants are awarded through a competitive process. For more information, visit h-co.org/SHFgrants.