Home of: Doc and Debbie Watson

MEEKER | Grace Bible Church brought Deb and Doc Watson to Meeker from Crawfordsville, Ind., 27 years ago from Crawfordsville, Ind., but the Watsons seem to be as happy with the move as the church must be to have kept the Watsons here that long.
In fact, June is the 27th anniversary of the Watsons moving to Meeker to start serving the church.
Deb and Doc were married in 1974 in Deb’s hometown of Crawfordville, Ind.
Doc, the pastor at Grace Bible Church, was born in Indianapolis, Ind. Deb is the billing/production assistant at the Herald Times.
Doc earned his first doctorate in religion from the Florida Institute of Biblical Studies and his doctorate in theology from Golden State School of Theology.
The Watsons have one son, Paul, who was born in Meeker and is now living and working in Kansas City, Mo., where he is serving his pastoral internship and an electrical apprenticeship. Paul is also engaged to be married in September with the wedding to take place in the Wichita, Kan., area, where his fiance, Celeste, is from.
Doc’s chief hobby is golfing, Deb said. He usually scores around par on a round. He also loves to write and loves to study history, she said, adding that Doc has written eight books on theology/scriptural subjects.
Deb said she enjoys playing piano, reading and travel, and she said a visit to Israel two years ago was probably the highlight of both of their lives.
Deb said she and Doc very much like the small-town atmosphere offered by Meeker.
“I think it’s great that every time you go out around town you see at least someone you know,” she said.
Deb said that since Doc was raised in the Indianapolis metropolitan area, he also enjoys getting out to speak with people he sees on the streets of Meeker “because it is so much more intimate and friendly a town than Indianapolis was.”
Reiterating that the highlight of her life was the trip to Israel, Deb got a little more specific.
“The real highlight of the visit for me was we were able to go sailing on the Sea of Galilee; what a beautiful country that is,” she said. “However, Doc would probably say that standing on Masada was the highlight of the trip for him.” (The mountaintop fortress of Masada, which overlooks the Dead Sea, is famous in Jewish history as the final holdout for between 900 and 2,000 rebels who chose suicide over capture by the Romans in A.D. 73.)