Home of: Shirley Taylor

MEEKER | Shirley Taylor of Meeker is this week’s “home of” honoree. “I came here in 1936 when I was 5 months old with my parents Deltha and Sherman Taylor. Dad moved here to do the mail route between Meeker and Rangely for two years. My folks operated the first “convenience store” in Meeker. It was the Standard Service Station located on the corner of Market and 4th, the old Watt’s Store. The building was later moved to Market and Sulphur Creek. It’s now the bail bonds/pawn shop. We had a grocery store inside and my dad was a cobbler, He kept Meeker kids in shoes during World War II. My dad had a cute story he would tell about a little kid who walked into the store with his shoe and said that his mom said this is to be fixed. The little boy asked my dad ‘how much do I owe you Mr. Taylor’ and held out a quarter. Dad took the quarter, reached into the candy jar, gave the boy a piece of gum along with his quarter and said ‘that’s enough, just right,’” Shirley said.
Shirley is a member of the Rio Blanco High School Class of 1954. She attended Brigham Young University earning a Bachelor of Science in education. “I had gone to college for 2.5 years and came back home for Christmas vacation. They had lost both teachers on Piceance Creek that year. My mother took one position and they talked me into taking the other contingent upon my finishing my degree. My mother and I worked for two years, then I went back to college and completed my degree,” Shirley explained.
“I taught in the Los Angeles Unified School District until I retired in 1991. My folks still lived here and I purchased my own property in the Powell Park area in 1981 and built a home. I moved into my home in 1986 and spent six months here and six months in California. I have recently sold my Powell Park home and moved into town,” continued Shirley.
Shirley is one of seven children. Her siblings are Nyla Merriam, Helen Stephenson, Beryl Taylor, Lynn Taylor, Byron Taylor and Parna Etchart. Helen, Lynn and Parna have passed away. Nyla lives in Meeker, Beryl lives at Family Health West in Fruita and Byron is in Galt, Calif.
“I really enjoy golfing, crossword puzzles and other mind boggling activities. What I like most about Meeker is the people, it’s such a delightful place, everyone is so friendly, there are no strangers in Meeker. It’s my home,” Shirley added.