Home of: Timothy Kitchens and Ashes Cowley

MEEKER | Timothy Kitchens and his fiancée Ashes Cowley (pronounced Kelly) of Meeker are this week’s “home of” honorees. Tim moved to Meeker in the third grade. His parents are former Meeker residents Denton and Mary Jayne Kitchens of Grand Junction. Ashes met Tim when she was working at PetSmart. Tim was with some friends shopping there when Ashes took him by surprise and gave him a young macaw bird to hold while she cleaned its cage. It was a huge bird and definitely caught Tim off guard. Ashes has lived here seven and a half years.
Tim and Ashes are starting a service business to help elderly or homebound people in the community. They will run errands, do grocery shopping, laundry, help with bill paying, snow shoveling, yard work or other odd jobs.
Tim and Ashes have four cats: Kitten, Begger, Vash and Bella.
“We play tons and tons and tons of computer games. We’ve recently been trying to create our own games. I have lots of ideas. We’ll see if they pan out,” said Ashes.
“Tim has an amazing talent for building computers. When I was a teenager I had some pastel drawings that I did displayed at an art museum in Three Rivers, Mich.,” Ashes explained.
“I like the closeness of the community. It’s so peaceful and picturesque here. I live two blocks from the post office, but it’s an half hour trip to walk because I’m always stopping to visit with someone I know. Meeker is a great place to live,” Ashes added.