I thank thee for thy kindness, knight

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Dear Editor and Town of Meeker:
I want you to know “chivalry” is not dead! One of your fine young residents, one of your own, was my “knight in shining armor,” his steed a big white truck, his lance and sword a tire iron and jack! He went beyond the call of duty to save this “old dame in distress!”
Thank you Todd Gerloff, you are a man to be honored, your family should be proud! Thank you, thank you!
Also, thank you to the fine young man that picked me up off the highway that cold, dark morning. Thank you to the sweet young lady at the Go-Fer market that let me use the phone and then introduced me to Knight Gerloff!
Thank you!
I want all three of you to know, I will bestow upon a person in distress the same shining kindness you showed me. A way to “pay it forward”!
Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!
M. Carrera
Littleton, Colo.