‘It’s Showtime’ livestock club meeting report

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RBC I ‘It’s Showtime’ livestock club had a meeting Feb. 4 that was called to order by president Marryn Shults. As an icebreaker club members had to stand up introduce themselves and tell the club what they do in 4-H. After the ice breaker, Aimee Shults took attendance followed by Montey Franklin’s treasurer’s report. Moving on Marryn Shults informed the club of the following key points: 4-H code of conduct; beef weigh on Feb. 16; rookie livestock family meeting on Feb. 13 at 7 p.m.; the Meat Quality Assurance on March 12 and April 21 which all first-year seniors and juniors have to go to. The swine, sheep, and goat weigh-in will be on May 10 with the time still to be determined. When finished with that members of the club broke into their committees and discussed what things need to be organized for the future. After that the club wrapped up the meeting with demonstrations by Marryn Shults, Andrew Spieth, Brighton Bair, Jayci Chintala, Jill Ward and Zachariah Godwin. The club will meet on Tuesday, March 3 for the next meeting.

Special to the Herald Times