It’s Showtime Livestock Club update

MEEKER | The It’s Showtime Livestock Club has just started the new year with the first meeting and the election of officers. The president is Tatum Kennedy. If she is gone vice president Mary Baylie will fill her spot. Keeping the club’s records is secretary Hadley Franklin. Handling the club’s finances is banker Montey Franklin as the treasurer. Passing on the latest news is reporter Charlie Rogers. Starting the meetings will be pledge leaders Ellie Hossack, Eli Rundberg and Cienna Rogers. Reporting the recent council meetings will be council representatives Eva Scritchfield, Hayden Shults and Jessi Pelloni. In the meeting, club leader Mrs. Collins talked about the finances and what the club made on Hogwart’s night. First year livestock members, first year seniors, and anyone attending national livestock shows need to attend the meat quality assurance meeting Feb. 7 at 6 p.m. The next It’s Showtime Livestock Club meeting will be on Feb. 20.

By CHARLIE ROGERS | Meeker 4-H Program