Jon Hill wants to stay the course with county; Rector offers a choice

Jeff Rector
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RBC I In October 2015, by way of a letter to the editor, Rio Blanco County District 2 (West End) Commissioner Jon Hill announced his intentions to run for re-election this year.

Jon Hill
Jon Hill

Hill said last week that he is now quite anxious to see to completion the various projects that he has been involved in with the county.
Hill said that when he ran four years ago he didn’t see much need to change what the previous commissioners (he followed then-Commissioner Ken Parsons into office) had been doing.
Hill also said he never imagined getting into some of the work the commission has been doing lately.
He said he wants to enjoy the opening of the new Rio Blanco County Justice Center, carry through on the long-sought renewal of the County Courthouse and continue to pursue the build-out of the county broadband deployment.
Of everything he’s overseen as a commissioner, Hill says he’s proudest of their broadband project. Rio Blanco has become a leader in the state on providing rural broadband connection to its towns and rural residents.
He’s also enthusiastic about the work the county has pursued with Better City, LLC consulting to develop further economic development in Rangely, Meeker and the county as a whole.
Hill said it’s hard to predict what may happen over the next four years. He hopes that the county won’t stagnate economically and that the groundwork the county has laid through Better City LLC will pay off through diversifying and improving the business climate for all parts of the county.
Jeff Rector
Jeff Rector
As for the challenge Hill is facing from Rangely’s Jeff Rector, Hill says he was surprised as he didn’t know about Rector’s decision to enter the race until Monday afternoon, one day prior to the Republican Party caucuses last week.
He pledged a calm, simple campaign that he hopes will properly reflect the person he is.
“Don’t expect the rancor and excitement we’re seeing on the national level,” Hill promised.
Rector said he doesn’t want to comment much and make a big deal of his challenge to Hill until he finds out at Saturday’s GOP Assembly for sure if he makes the ballot.
“I am running because I think the voters, even if they are all Republicans, deserve a choice when voting,” he said. “I think I am qualified through my experiences and would do a good job.
“I have nothing against Jon Hill; I think he is a fine, intelligent gentlemen and I have no quarrels with him at all. I just think voters should have a choice and I think I would be a good choice.”