Journalism submissions from RJSHS freshmen

RANGELY I I have had the pleasure of working with a group of students this year at Rangely High School. Part of our weekly routine became reading our local Herald Times every Wednesday and having discussions on what types of articles there are and what kind interest them. We also talked about the importance of following our local news to stay up to date on what is important in our own communities. I had a couple students really interested in writing and reading the local articles. These three freshman students decided to each take a different approach, but wanted to write something that really interested them to get published. I am so proud of each of them for really going above their daily duties to write something and learn a little more about media and writing than they are used to! I gave them no prompts or boundaries of what they should write about. They researched or chose completely and then had them looked over by Mrs. Hejl who volunteered to read and offer any advice and edits they should possibly make. After they felt confident with their piece they turned them in to me to send off to the Herald Times. I am so thankful to have had the time to work with these kids and seen how much they have grown

~ Cherise Cardin


RANGELY | I would like to recognize a person in the Rangely community.This person has helped many in her time here. She is a loving mom, wife, coach, teacher, friend and much more. Cherise Cardin is moving due to her husband’s work. Cherise was a great cheer coach at Rangely Junior/Senior High School.

She is also a photographer at Cherise Cardin Photography. She is from Apple Valley, California. She loves to travel. Cherise has love for Disney of every category. Cherise is a lovely person and kinda just goes with the flow.

She became a teacher in the last two to three months left of school, but she had always helped the school whether it be with theater or just helping the kids that didn’t know how to do something or did not know where to go. Some people will miss her more than others, but there is no doubt in my mind that she will be missed.

Grade Nine ~ Rangely High School

The new up and coming rockets

RANGELY I There are two new life-changing rockets being built and tested that can change space exploration and our lives as we know it. The first of the two rockets that we’re going to be talking about is the Space launch System (SLS) by NASA. The SLS is a multistage rocket made of two solid fuel rocket boosters which cannot be turned off and a massive liquid fuel booster that can be turned off and topped with the Orion crew capsule or a storage capsule. It is designed for us to go back to the moon and is not reusable. It is supposed to launch later this year with a test mission.

The second rocket is named Starship made by SpaceX and the successor to Falcon 9. Starship is a two-stage rocket made of a liquid rocket booster and a liquid main stage. The Rockets main goal is to set up a colony on Mars and is fully reusable. It could then be used multiple times and is cheaper. This rocket is planned to launch this year for a space orbit test. If you want to learn more go to and

Grade Nine ~ Rangely High School

Game updates

RANGELY I Some of the games that you know and love have gotten updates and here is what has happened. One of the more popular games, Fortnite, had some updates recently. One of the main parts of the update is that they added a new game mode: No Builds. This game mode makes it where you can’t build. (there is still the original game mode) you gain a recharging shield of 50. They have also added tanks in the game but they are louder than any other vehicle. Other than those two things it is pretty much the same game.

The next game that has gotten an update is a game called “Deep Rock Galactic.” There are a lot of new things that will be done in this update. One is new missions to play, such as swarms of rival robots that there will be a little warning that will pop up once the mission hexxes for it. Four new secondary weapons each of the classes are getting a new secondary weapon to use on the missions and little events. Those new secondary weapons will come to use because the next part is a new menace, now there is not a lot about this new thing but you should stay on your toes when it comes around. There will be a new suit that will be put on you when you die on a mission. A new ore has been added that you can use to buy new cosmetic ideas for your class. With this new season there will be a new season pass that is completely free and you can get beards, jobs, helmets, etc. New DLC- Robot Rebellion that will include 4 new sets of armor (one for each class (class: Driller, Scott, Engineer, and Gunner)) a unique new helmet in two variants, and new paint jobs. That is the new Season 2 Deep Rock Galactic update

By Nickolas Larsen
Grade Nine ~ Rangely High School

Special to the Herald Times

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