JV Panthers lose 39-32 to Plateau Valley Cowboys

RANGELY | The Rangely High School football junior varsity team took to the road to take on the Plateau Valley Cowboys. The Panthers could not overcome stalled plays on defense that broke free to long touchdown scores. The Panthers held the score at 0-6 in favor of the Cowboys after the first quarter. In the second quarter the Cowboys were able to break off another long run that the Panthers had stopped in the backfield but poor tackling allowed the Cowboys back to break free and around the end for a touchdown. The Panthers then responded when freshman quarterback Keihlin Myers was able to hit sophomore tight end Ryan Richens for a long catch and score making the game 6-12 in favor of the Cowboys. The point after attempt failed for the Panthers. With momentum starting to swing in favor of the Panthers the Cowboys responded with a long drive and score making the score at halftime 6-20 in favor of the Cowboys. The Panthers kicked off to the Cowboys to start the second half. On the Cowboys first touch of the second half when freshman linebacker, Zane Varner made a huge hit on the Cowboy running back forcing a fumble that was recovered by fellow freshman Timothy Scoggins. On the next play Myers hit Varner on a long pass play for 55 yards and a score. The Panther Brough the score to 20-12 after the failed conversion. The Cowboys responded and brought the score to 26-12. The Panthers then marched down the field. When Varner fumbled the ball on the Rangely sideline it was picked up by fellow Panther Ryan Richens who was able to take the fumble 40 yards in for a touchdown. The score then was 26-18 in favor of the Cowboys after the Panthers were able to covert on the two-point conversion. After another touchdown by the Cowboys the Panthers fumbled but the Panther defense was able to stop the Cowboys and marched down the field and scored on a 4-yard run by junior Dell Garner. Garner then added to his touchdown with a two point conversion bringing the score to 32-26. The Cowboys added another score bringing the game to 39-26. The Panthers tacked on another touchdown and secured the ball again late in the game to attempt a comeback but fell short at 39-32 in favor of the Cowboys in the end.

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