Kaye’s Corner: Feeling grateful

Given the rough past two years of COVID and other complications in our lives, it might be challenging to think of things we’re grateful for. In preparation for Thanksgiving, I asked myself what I could celebrate this year. Here goes:

• Last year we were nearly bedridden with positive COVID and very isolated at the holidays. I’m grateful we are alive and more or less “normal” again.

• Friends gifted us with Thanksgiving food along with other goodies for weeks while we didn’t feel like cooking. Others ran errands, picked up mail, delivered groceries. We are deeply indebted to all.

• Our world now has vaccines and boosters. Remember a year ago when the COVID treatments were limited and vaccines not available?

• Our adult children, especially exposed in the workplace, were able to get vaccinated earlier than expected. And soon, our 6-year-old grandson can get his. He is even thrilled about it!

• My mother, who had to transition to assisted care, has settled into her new facilities and receives all the support she needs at age 96. Currently, isolation requirements have been lifted finally and she can have visitors again.

• I am grateful to all our friends who traveled long distances to visit with us and bring variety to our lives. It felt wonderful to replenish these relationships in person.

• We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Oregon despite lengthy and costly repair of Tahoe while camping in a wee trailer. I’m grateful we created joy instead of frustration while living in a tiny space for five weeks. So, thanks trailer and thanks for the furnace working consistently at last.

• Once again, we appreciate the great outdoors and opportunities to camp at Trappers Lake and Yellowstone National Park. Some places are wonderful to visit over and over.

• My siblings, spouses, children, and grandchildren are all healthy. Despite a few minor issues, all continue active and interesting lives.

• Thanks to Zoom, Facetime, and email I can stay connected with my friends living across the country. COVID has actually increased our interactions. 

• Many people express their thanks for my newspaper column and I truly appreciate every bit of encouragement. Writing takes time and effort. Thank you HT for adding me to your reporting staff.

• This year we will be celebrating Thanksgiving Day in person and another return to our good memories of the past plus enjoyment of family and friends over great food.

That’s my list and I bet you can think of similar items, big or small, to give thanks for this year. Happy Thanksgiving.

By KAYE SULLIVAN – Special to the Herald Times

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