Kaye’s Corner: Get vaccinated, PLEASE

MEEKER I Recent numbers show that Rio Blanco County is one of the least vaccinated in the state of Colorado and now swarming with new cases, including deaths from COVID. 

Since it doesn’t cost you a penny to get the vaccine and is incredibly easy locally, please just do it to protect yourself and your community and frankly, the entire world. 

Having endured Covid for two months, I can assure you it is no picnic, and the aftereffects can further complicate your health. Even worse, people still die every day from COVID, so it is not just a flu condition. 

Now, the variant, as predicted, is complicating our return to normal mostly because too many people refuse to get the vaccine. We’re on the verge of returning to restrictions, isolation, economic disaster, and all the tough times we’ve already been through. 

For those of you who resist, I ask these questions. If you become positive: 

How do you feel about contaminating our children, soon to return to school, who don’t even have a choice to be vaccinated? Unvaccinated adults around children spread exposure. 

Are you still OK going to groceries, restaurants, retail outlets and exposing all their workers? Employees are quitting in mass from these jobs in part because customers won’t mask or get vaccinated. 

For your family members, friends, and associates, will you feel OK if you infect them? 

If you must go to the hospital for COVID care if unvaccinated, do you still expect the same level of medical care? 

Seniors in my age group fought tooth and nail to get vaccinated across the county. We didn’t debate politics or object to random stories of negative effects. As a group, senior citizens are rarely seen in hospitals these days with COVID complications and rank among the highest category with vaccines. 

Today, the people being hit hardest are 30-year-olds and younger. They still have their entire lives to live. We are doing them a disservice to not protect their future as best we can. 

My 6-year-old grandson, via Facetime, told us how frustrated he is there are not vaccines for his age. He is still isolated and not old enough to understand why. He does not have a choice; you adults do. 

Come ‘on folks. It is so easy to get protected. Meanwhile, I tell my friends not to visit Meeker because exposure to our 70 percent unvaccinated may contaminate them. Not exactly a Chamber of Commerce message. 

Please, show up at the Pioneers Medical Center or County Health sites and move ahead through these effortless steps. It barely hurts and you will be doing a service that protects all of us along with taking 

By KAYE SULLIVAN – Special to the Herald Times