Kaye’s Corner: Knowledge Treasure Trove

MEEKER | Where can you go in Meeker for a 3D printer, a telescope, a piano keyboard, and a beautiful summer retreat? Get reacquainted with our beautiful Meeker Public Library that includes something for everyone.

The Library is open Mon/Wed/Fri 9:30-5:30, Tues/Thurs 9:30-9:00, Sat 9:30-2:00 and moving ahead with new and updated resources that might surprise you.

Let’s start in an area that may not be so familiar. In the back is a beautiful meeting room complete with a drop-down screen and tables. This area opens with impressive sliding glass doors onto an outdoor patio, including tables plus fresh flowers on the walls in season. If you need serenity, I advise a visit.

Available upon request and locked up are the above mentioned 3D printer, telescope, and keyboard. An amazing compact “Charlie Cart” kitchen resource is available for young ones who want to learn nutritious cooking. When COVID restrictions permit, cooking classes will be resumed.

On the walls of the “reading room” are posters from every sheep dog trial plus magazines and newspapers to browse. This too is free, as Director Mike Bartlett reminds me, “It is a public library” and open to everyone.

Bartlett has overseen the library for 21 years and added to its impressive online capabilities. From the library website, you can stream movies, get assistance with foreign language skills, search the catalogue system, prepare for a trip to Denver, and much more.

Historical preservation is also part of our library not only through photos on the walls but also a recently launched project that provides a virtual tour of historic Meeker including an outstanding collection of photos and descriptions of Meeker’s heritage.

Thanks to Regan Mobley and the library staff, www.historymeeker.com was initiated a few years ago with further research, articles and photos on the way. This is one of the most impressive websites I’ve ever seen and the photos of days gone by are totally awesome.

Also available to the public are 7-10 free computers (depending on COVID distancing restrictions) that anyone can use for job searching, homework, gaming and more. I will also add that if your home computer is being repaired or your power is out, library computers are a great temporary solution. A printer, copier and fax can be used for a small fee.

Of course, there are books, nearly 40,000 locally with new ones arriving weekly. If that doesn’t satisfy your interests or research, you can use the interlibrary loan system to access additional books throughout the Colorado library system.

The “Children’s Room” is full of books from early reading through advanced skills. If you’re a grandparent like me reading to your kids via Facebook, it’s a great place to find age-appropriate books without an investment in resources our kids will outgrow.

Planning a trip? Consider borrowing a books-on-CD to entertain you. You e-readers can download (again free) digital books to your Kindle or similar device for three weeks. Contact the library for directions on how to do this.

As many of you know, the library building has a long history (too much for me to list) and was previously used for a wide variety of businesses. It includes an 1890 brick wall consisting of locally manufactured bricks! Today, it is a lovely facility full of serenity, light, and excellent customer service.

I would be remiss if I did not include the resident cat named “Books” a friendly, docile cat who will greet you and keep you company when you visit the library.

Free public libraries are a staple of our American way, initiated back in the 1800’s and continued throughout the country today. Our Meeker library is its own special district and funded by a tiny mill levy real estate tax assessment.

Visit the library at 490 Main St., meekerlibrary.booksys.net or call 970-878-5911.

Many thanks to Mike Bartlett for sharing his enthusiasm, providing a great tour, and contributing to this article.

By KAYE SULLIVAN – Special to the Herald Times