Keep kids and teens at home during pandemic

RBC | Several parents have reported that local youth, with permission from other parents, are continuing to congregate at friends’ homes, in opposition to the public health order in place in the state.

Young people may believe they are excluded from the threat posed by COVID-19, but that is statistically untrue. Not only can people of all ages contract COVID-19, severe complications have occurred in people of all age groups, not just older adults. Parents of teens, too, should exercise caution, as the highest number of positive cases in the state of Colorado are among people between the ages of 30 and 50.

Additionally, individuals returning from “snowbirding” should avoid gatherings with family members and friends at this time to avoid possibly spreading the new coronavirus. Infected individuals can be contagious without having any symptoms.

According to RBC Public Health Director Alice Harvey, “By public health order, social gatherings currently are prohibited in the state of Colorado. The reason for this is simple; we must protect our most vulnerable from this new virus that spreads quickly, easily and can be deadly. As new data emerges, research is showing it may be common for children and young adults to show no symptoms although they carry the virus. 68% of those who have tested positive in Colorado have been under the age of 60, and that number is likely to be higher as many who are infected will show mild or no symptoms. It is because of this that we are asking people to not engage in social gatherings, as it is the only effective tool we have to fight this virus. The ask is temporary, and will decrease the severity of the impact COVID will have on our loved ones and our communities.”