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Denny, Raley do well at CDOT Roadeo

RANGELY — Top place finishers were determined during the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) state training and educational snow and ice maintenance equipment roadeo for CDOT maintenance professionals held Aug. 7 at Island Grove Regional Park in Greeley.
The roadeo consisted of a written examination covering state and federal rules and regulations, a pre-trip vehicle inspection skills test, and equipment operation skills tests on demanding obstacle courses. Contestants were the top two place finishers in roadeos held this spring in each of CDOT’s nine maintenance sections. The top four state roadeo place finishers were:
Mid-Range Truck Team Category: 1. Mike Martin, Pueblo and Neil Mauch, Lamar (Pueblo Maintenance Section 4); 2. Kelly Jerome, Centennial and Larry Reed, Lakewood (Denver Maintenance Section 8); 3. Ken Ooley, Grand Junction and Jim Livermore, Grand Junction (Grand Junction Maintenance Section 2); 4. Jerry Wagoner, Haxtun and Scott Chapin, Akron (Greeley Maintenance Section 1)
Tandem Truck Team Category: 1. Justin Decker, Ft. Lupton and Stan Garett, Crook (Greeley Maintenance Section 1); 2. Harold Yutzy, Flagler and Jori Ernst, Colorado Springs (Aurora Maintenance Section 5); 3. Gary Denny, Rangely and Dave Raley, Rangely (Craig Maintenance Section 6); 4. Larry Jack, Alamosa and Richard Aragon, Jefferson (Alamosa Maintenance Section 7)
Front-End Loader Category: 1. Mike Coyne, Holyoke (Greeley Maintenance Section 1); 2. Keith Martinez, Hartsel (Alamosa Maintenance Section 7); 3. Chris Seymour, Hugo; 4. Kris Winton, Lakewood (Denver Maintenance Section 8)
The equipment roadeo concept, first used by the Colorado Department of Highways in the 1980s, is designed to help CDOT maintenance professionals improve their safety, skills, and knowledge in order to better and more effectively serve the traveling public along the 9,000 miles of Colorado state and federal highways they maintain.