Lady Panthers win home opener, 3-0

RANGELY — Friday the 13th was good luck for the Rangely High School soccer team as it earned its first win of the season, 3-0, against Vail Christian. Fourteen players, returning and new, have joined the squad this year. Six of those have never played soccer before.
“They bring a positive attitude and try really hard,” Coach Kris Denny said. “They are excited about playing.”
With youthful enthusiasm a strength rather than an inexperienced hindrance, the Panthers came out hard against the Vail Christian Saints last Friday. The defense left freshman goalie Haley Enterline, who is picking soccer up again after five years, very little to do as she didn’t see a shot on goal the entire game.
“They were really good, especially Heather, she was a beast,” Enterline said of senior Heather Wanstedt.
Sophomore Mikayla Schoenfeld scored the first goal of the game when she booted a high-rising ball into the corner of the net, just up and over the outstretched fingertips of the Saints’ goaltender. She scored another to give the Panthers the 2-0 lead going into the second half of the game. Schoenfeld had five shots.
Senior Meagan Piering got the opportunity to attempt a penalty kick in the second half and ripped it past the goalie for the 3-0 score and final. She had seven shots in the game.
Rosalise Coombs and Torie Slagle each had an assist in the contest.
The Panthers outshot the Saints 30-0. Saturday they are home on Yaeger Field for a game against Delta at 11 a.m.