Letter: A community cares for all its members

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Being a child of this community, who was both, born and raised, I am saddened to see what our community has come to.
While growing up here, like most Meeker natives, I could not wait until after senior graduation to get the “heck out of Dodge.” Then, also like most, I came back.
At one point in my life, I used to think that Meeker had saved my life. But, it wasn’t Meeker was it? It was my family, my friends, and all those I have grown up around — the community. Though in some eyes, I was “just another college kid who couldn’t make it in the real world.” Judgments will be placed no matter if we are perfect of imperfect. That is being a “small-town kid.”
Though now, I feel like expressing my concern. I am proud to be a citizen here, and am proud of many things in this beautiful town called Meeker. What I am not so proud of is, while there are members of this community that need us, whether for support for a lost loved one, or the unfortunate situations they have fallen victim to, guilty or not guilty, we only point fingers. Though, this may not be the situation for everyone, it is for some. Whether you want to defend yourself or agree, know this, a community should hold strong when in times of need as we expect our friends to be there when we need them. But, that is only my opinion.
A wise friend recently told me, “True independence is making your own judgments and opinions without the influence of everyone else’s.” She couldn’t have been more correct. Though, a difficult burden to overcome, the key is how we react. It is redundant that everyone wants their voice to be heard, but our actions will always triumph our voices. So, for those of you who are struggling in our community right now, find your true independence and know that others are there for you. You may have more support than you think. Be strong and God bless our small-town community.
Marty Jo Jensen