Letter: After-prom activity seeking donations

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We can’t believe it! Another year has passed and the time has come for Rowdy Worm. Rowdy Worm is an all-night activity that takes place each year immediately following prom in April 2011. It is structured and hosted by our RHS Student Council, an organization that is not funded by the school district. This is the 22nd year that Rowdy Worm has been held and it continues to be a huge success for our school. With your help, we hope to make it even better this year.
Rowdy Worm provides students with a safe alternative to attending parties where drugs and alcohol may be present. Before entering Rowdy Work, students are required to take a Breathalyzer test to ensure that no one under the influence of drugs or alcohol is admitted. All RHS students are invited to attend Rowdy Worm, whether or not they attend Prom. However, to protect the drug and alcohol-free environment, students who choose to leave early are not allowed to return. Various activities are held throughout the night. In addition to lots of food and drinks, we offer casino games, board games, athletic competitions, various contests, music and many other activities. Prizes are awarded to the winners of the contests and through random drawings throughout the night.
Since we generate our own funds for Rowdy Worm, we are asking for donations of money, prizes and food. If you have anything that would be suitable to donate, please do! All donations received will be used specifically for Rowdy Worm and are tax deductible (we will provide a receipt). All businesses and organizations that donate will be recognized. We want our community members to know about the great support we receive from your business or organization. People will continue to be recognized for supporting one of the community’s most valuable resources — our youth.
This wonderful activity has become a Rangely tradition and we ask that you please help us keep it going. If you are interested in donating in any way, or have any questions, please contact the Student Council sponsor, Crandal Mergelmen, at Rangely High School, 675-2253 or contact us at 234 S. Jones Ave., Rangely CO 81641. We look forward to visiting with you soon. Thank you for considering being a supporter of Rowdy Worm!
Rangely student body co-presidents
Torie Slagle and Victoria Phelan
and Rowdy Worm co-chairmen Haeley Enterline and Jenny Dunker