Letter: Board should explain reasons for Pfau firing

I am asking a few questions on the recent dismissal of Mr. Doug Pfau. It still is very unclear to several members of this community and myself after I recently talked with a board member and Mr. Doug Pfau himself. Both sides are not able to disclose information because of legal issues involved. Which, I fully understand, but Mr. Doug Pfau when point blank asked, responded by saying he has nothing to hide, he has no problem with the board explaining their reasonings.
When I asked a board member if he did his job by keeping the budget, higher education standards and was an active part of the community for our youth, the board member responded by saying yes, but there are other issues that can’t be talked about. OK? If he is saying he has nothing to hide WHO does then? Did you not care for him? Did he not fit the Meeker mold? Did he make changes a select few didn’t like? Did he not hold his teachers and principals accountable? What then? Tell the people then … It is in my opinion this issue is still being handled poorly if there are no real reasons or concrete evidence for wrongdoing or foul play, then why the dismissal? I feel the board members should take a look at what ALL the community wants, open up a public evaluation of him.
It is important that the very community that voted each of the school board members in their currently occupied seats should be held accountable for their decisions and hear us. Decisions that should not be made behind closed doors. So, in closing I am still asking that the board be transparent and forthcoming in their decisions regarding Mr. Doug Pfau.
Janae Shelton