Letter: Candidate questions are too late in Rangely

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I have been looking at your questionnaire for a couple days now and decided to let you know my feelings about it and your reporting habits.
First off, had you read my letter to the editor I sent through Phyllis Henley, because for some reason your e-mail wouldn’t accept it from me, you would see that all your questions were answered in that letter. Which was not published. You responded by saying it would be published this coming week. Well, too late. The vote is a mail in and the ballots went out two weeks ago — over half are already back. The vote will be counted the 6th of April. Too little, too late. Is this by design? We (the people of Rangely) are kept in the dark on a lot of issues that should be in the newspaper. We seldom know what is going on until after the fact. I thought that was your job? To keep the people informed. Thanks for your time.
Ed Ballegeer