Letter: Chili bar raised $972 to pay off wheelchair

The Rangely Community Education Association with the help of the RHS Student Council (Sponsors Betty Lopez and Crandel Mergelman with student body co-presidents JC Chumacero and Michael Dillon), Rangely teachers, principals and staff, hosted a chili bar Friday, Jan. 15 to raise funding to help out the Jamie and Sara Beck family. Fifth-grader Ethan Beck’s new wheelchair was a big expense for the family as insurance did not cover some of the cost. Co-presidents of the RCEA, Kathy Thorsby and Madelin Morrill, asked members if they wanted to help the family and a resounding “Yes!” was their response. $972 was raised, which will pretty much pay off the wheelchair. Many thanks go out to the custodians, White River Market, the junior class and everyone else who helped out (I know I have forgotten some of you.) The biggest thanks go to Madelin Morrill for organizing almost everything and getting other clubs involved.
Kathy Thorsby, co-president
Rangely Community
Education Association