Letter: Climate change denier

Dear Editor:
I am a denier.
At least that’s my label according to those who believe in human caused global warming (HCGW) which is  caused, of course, by the burning of carbon based fuels, coal and petroleum. My position in this discussion was recently bolstered by an televised interview of Patrick Michaels, a scientist who has spent most of his life studying changes in global temperature, a natural phenomenon. Even in my lifetime, there have been several predictions that we  were soon going to freeze or dry up from excess heat. Some of the same people kept predicting the end of the world.
Dr. Michaels correctly points out that when the cash registers began ringing for Al Gore a few years ago, Gore was using graphs when compared to measurements easily obtained today with more sophisticated instruments, are 150 percent off—too high.  Despite these discrepancies proponents of HCGW have not backed off, continue to spend billions of dollars of private (taxpayer) money on a big lie.
Parts of the earth (rain forests) are noticeably greener due to a natural occurring slightly warmer climate.
Predictions of the impact of HCGW  are based on models developed in 31 countries, but only one developed in Russia produces accurate results.
Become a scoffer and vote down any funding for further support of HCGW by our representatives in Congress.
Dick Prosence