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Dear Editor:
After reading the letter to the editor from our county clerk and recorder I want to express my thoughts and opinion on some of her statements. I watched the entire 3.5 hour hearing on the petition to recall Gary Moyer. I have some strong concerns about some of the testimony given by the clerk. It appeared to me that she was less than truthful about how, when, and where the petition was handed out. It seemed that the dates and times kept changing. Also I feel because of her incompetent actions it caused the petition to be deemed invalid. She is blaming the fact that Mr. Moyer had legal counsel and she didn’t. WOW what a lame excuse !! I think if she had taken the time to reach out to the county attorney or the Sec. of States office for assistance to insure that all wording was correct and all laws followed that this would never have happened. I have been told that she made the statement, I know the law. Well apparently Boots you didn’t know the law. She tries to play off that the ruling was based on a technical error. Wrong again as that is a law you failed to follow. You also state that you feel it is wrong for the will of the citizens who signed the petition to be overturned. Again if you had done your job correctly this would be a moot point. I also wonder if the proper language was on the petition if there would have been the same number of signatures. My final concern is after seeing how poorly she handled this petition if she handles her other duties as clerk and recorder in the same manner. I sure hope not!

Frank Huitt

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