Letter: Commissioner race

Dear Editor:
Gary Moyer is a good guy with deep roots in Rio Blanco County. His challenger, Reed Kelley, is also a good man who has always sought the best for the people of Rio Blanco County. The voters of Rio Blanco County have a choice of two men with the best of intentions. Interestingly the choice comes down to which of these men offers the most to us. Consider that Reed offers an independent mind and would provide a balanced point of view among the current group of county commissioners. As an independent, Mr. Kelley is not bound to the narrow confines of any particular political party. Reed has developed his life view based on a broad base of experience both within and beyond the boundaries of Rio Blanco County and the State of Colorado. His experience coupled with his analytical mind means that every dollar will be invested in those things that serve the best interests of the people of this county for today and the future.
Jay Sullivan