Letter: Crazy quilt proceeds go to animal shelter

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After hundreds of hours of work, the crazy quilt was raffled at the Christmas Bazaar last Sunday. I just want to say thanks so much to all those in the community who helped by making the quilt squares. Here is a list of all the people who helped to make this a reality: Lindsay York, Sammy York, Charlie York, Brianna Powell, Lyla Morgan, Cathy Filener, Loyann Hayes, Michelle Boe, Ingrid Reed, Beverly Byers, Barbara Urbanik, Lilly Urbanik, Cathy Medina, Kelly Christian, Shelly Polley, Connie Mick, Emily Mick, Casey Meeks, Alesha Henry, Tanara Block, Elaine Urie, Luciann Bolding, Marrianne Fuller, Mickey Steele, Sharon Stewart, Colleen Zufelt, Sarai Jamerson, and Tammy Dahle.
The proceeds from this quilt will go to the Rangely Animal Shelter and support all the hard work our shelter does for our furry friends.
Tammy Dahle