Letter: Donations sought for bowl game trip

For the past few years I have been organizing video footage of my dancers. Once I felt I had enough for a strong audition tape, I sent it off to Bowl Games of America Performance for an audition. To my excitement, some of my dancers were picked. We had the option of the Orange Bowl, Sugar Bowl, or Holiday Bowl. Due to the cost factor, the Holiday Bowl was the one I picked because of overall cost being less.
I myself have qualified for the Citrus Bowl twice, Orange Bowl once and the Sugar Bowl once. Due to being in college, I did turn down the Sugar Bowl, but the memories from the Citrus Bowl and Orange Bowl were amazing. The dance knowledge I gained was endless. Some other random fun perks were the first time I went to the Citrus Bowl I found myself on the front page of the local paper in Orlando paper dancing, and when I went to the Orange Bowl, I actually was seen dancing across the TV screen.
In May 2010, I announced to my dancers that we were picked and the fundraising began. We send sponsorship letters off to local businesses, sold glow bracelets at the Fourth of July, and had a dinner at The Bistro on Park Avenue, to just name a few. They all helped toward the $1,000 per dancer cost of the trip. But due to the hard economic times and our little community helping with many, many other fundraisers; raising funds has been good, but not successful.
I have no doubt that all 14 dancers will be able to go, but funds for meals and rehearsal attire will be tight on this five-day adventure. We are still taking donations. To make a donation, call the ERBM Recreation and Park District, 878-3403.
Kari Jo Stevens, dance instructor
ERBM Recreation
and Park District