Letter: Dr. Hinton explains her reasons for leaving

Over the last two years, I have worked with and gotten to know many of you as patients and as unique, caring individuals. I have been welcomed into this community and feel fortunate to have been able to provide you quality health care. Having become such a part of the local and hospital communities, I have found this decision a difficult one, but effective June 2010, I will be resigning as a physician at Rangely District Hospital.
The working culture at Rangely Family Medicine has been, in many ways, ideal. During my time here, I have met and worked with compassionate, accomplished health professionals and have seen firsthand how committed the CEO and Hospital Board are to attracting and keeping qualified physicians. Their ability to bring in highly-trained, caring doctors like Dr. Adams, Dr. Ting and Dr. Cameron attests to that commitment.
Though making the decision to resign was not easy, it was necessary for both my family and myself. The on-call schedule has been difficult for me to balance with my family and home life. Given a rural setting like Rangely, a regular on-call rotation is a reality. But it is not, unfortunately, compatible with my current personal situation.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and will miss the teamwork, professionalism, and dedication to excellence I have experienced at Rangely District Hospital. Most of all, I will miss the patients I have come to know in this tight-knit community. Thank you for entrusting me with your health; I hope you will continue to invest that trust in the hospital itself.
Dr. Brenda Hinton