Letter: Estes deserves credit for fireworks show

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Year after year after year I have read the letters of praise for the Rangely fireworks display, giving thanks to the fire department for doing such a great job. This year I noticed that in the “Champions of the Week” the credit is given to Tim Webber for being the fireworks organizer. Now don’t get me wrong, the fire department does a terrific job at what they do and they are always there to assist in the launching of the fireworks and ready to put out any errant sparked fires, but I believe that we need to give credit where credit is due. Tim Webber does a fine job as the director for the recreation district, but Billy Estes, parks supervisor, is the person who is responsible for putting this display together and making sure that things go off without a hitch. There are other recreation center employees who are there to help set off the fireworks, but Billy is the one who keeps everything safe and organized during the actual lighting of them and he and his crew spend many hours the week before preparing the ground and planting the mortars getting ready for the fireworks display. If you only knew the hours he puts in to make a nice production you would be amazed, so it’s hard for me to see someone else get the credit. Yes, he just happens to be my husband, and I am very proud of the job that he does not only for the festivities on the Fourth of July, but all year round in keeping our parks looking as nice as they do. Billy isn’t the kind of guy who would go out and solicit praise or glory for himself for doing his job and he will no doubt be embarrassed that I even wrote this, but it pains me to see everyone else get the credit unjustly. I just wanted to set the record straight. Thank you.
Thanks, Billy, for doing an amazing job year after year! I am so proud of you!
Marty Estes