Letter: Food Bank drive a success

Dear Editor:

The Rangely Food Bank would like to thank everyone who supported the Rangely Food Bank during the first annual Food Bank Drive. 

One of the Rangely Food Bank’s major supporters is Bill Ekstrom. He has been magnificent with the amount of food he donates to the Rangely Food Bank. Thank you, Bill.

Rangely is still suffering hard times. There have been a couple of businesses that have closed and people are still struggling to keep jobs or to find work.  Therefore, a Food Bank is greatly needed in Rangely.  With the great support that the Rangely Food Bank received the people receiving the food greatly appreciated a place to go in the time of need.  The sports team at the Rangely Schools were huge supporter of the food bank as they help unload our huge load from the Food Bank of the Rockies.

The board is actively brainstorming on more opportunities to raise for the future. Currently the Rangely Food Bank is serving around 30 families a week.  During the current time of Rangely the Rangely Food Bank received an awesome response to the fundraiser from local businesses and family who donated cash to the fundraiser.  The board thanks you. 

Food Bank of the Rockies did an audit at the Rangely Food Bank and she stated, “She was so impressed with the organization and operation of the Rangely Food Bank that we could be a good protégée for other food banks.”

The Rangely Food Bank is seeking a motivated and energetic person to join a motivated and productive board.  If interested send a letter of interest to the Rangely Food Bank at 204 E. Rio Blanco or come to a monthly meeting at the Rangely Food Bank, the board meets the last Tuesday of every month.  Thank again to everyone who helped make the first annual very successful: the volunteers who worked during the fundraiser and who unloaded the truck load put in a lot of hours to make this a huge success that is much needed in Rangely.

Chris Brasfield

Rangely Food Bank