Letter: Former RBC commissioner supporting Moyer’s campaign

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Dear Editor:

A few thoughts concerning the Rio Blanco County Commissioner race. In this day and age, it is an absolute necessity to have county commissioners who recognize that one the most important aspects of the job is in dealing with federal, state and local government entities. The commissioner we need will drive four hours for a 15-minute face to face with the governor or to testify on a bill at the statehouse. This commissioner will build relationships with county commissioners in all surrounding counties and in surrounding states in order to achieve common goals.

  This commissioner must understand budgets, private property rights, why eminent domain is the absolute last resort tool and that a commissioner’s duty is to help his citizens get their work done without the county throwing road blocks in the way through over-regulating.

  Gary Moyer is just such a person. He understands that the county is the first line of defense. Gary has the contacts, the experience and the drive to make an excellent commissioner. I worked with Gary before, during and after my term as a commissioner and know him as highly capable and motivated.         

Thank you,

Jon D. Hill