Letter: Frustrated with Herald Times site

I have been a subscriber to the online edition of the Herald Times from the beginning, but I will not renew my subscription any longer. Why? Because I have to identify myself every time I open up the Web site. I have stated numerous times I wanted this info remembered; however, it still would not let me into the Web site until I furnish the info again. I realize it is not a big deal to some subscribers, but to me it is.
Why can’t the Web site remember the login after I authorized it to be remembered? Who designed this Web site — a fourth-grade student with a little or no computer training could have done better job. When the Web site is improved, I may sign up again. In the meantime, I will rely upon my e-mail friends to keep me up to date.
I left Rangely almost 10 years ago, but I still miss all the wonderful people I have met and made friends with as the postmaster. I look forward to reading the Herald Times to keep up with them and the town, but I am tired of having to ID myself every time.
Why is it important to identify oneself every time you read the Herald Times? Are the editors afraid someone will sneak a peek at the paper without paying? If that happened, it would create bigger news in Rio Blanco County than no snowstorm in January.
A big howdy to all my wonderful friends in Rangely, and remember out of sight does not mean out of mind.
Ray Favre
Former Rangely resident