Letter: Funding cuts would hurt people you know

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By now, you have probably heard about the consequences of passage of Proposition 101, and Amendments 60, and 61 and their devastating impacts on state and county revenue, jobs and school districts. In case you are still undecided, we want to emphasize that passage of these measures would not only hurt Colorado — they would hurt people you know in Meeker, Rangely and the rest of Rio Blanco County. Maybe even people you see at the post office and the grocery store every week.
We urge you to vote no on 101, 60 and 61. Should these measures pass, they would inevitably reduce the funding Horizons receives from the state of Colorado and Rio Blanco County. Funding cuts will hurt people. With less funding, adults with developmental disabilities will not receive the training they need to learn to live on their own. These adults, who live in your communities, will be forever dependent on others for their care and safety. Without training, they are less likely to hold jobs and pay taxes.
With less funding, children may not receive the support they need to catch up in language and motor skills. When a 2-year-old is behind in language skills, it is important to have professional help from a speech therapist so that the child can catch up. If the little girl or boy catches up before he or she enters school, the chances of academic success are better. Studies show that a $1 spent in early intervention saves $5 to $9 later because the child does not need special education services.
Passage of these three measures will hurt your neighbors in Rio Blanco County who have loved ones with developmental disabilities or delays. Join with us in voting no.
Susan Mizen, Sparky Pappas, Marjorie Rogers, Jo Tucker, Natosha Clatterbaugh, Rose Cochran, Mary K Krueger and Bev Steinman