Letter: Goodbye and thank you from Karen Arnold

Dear Editor:

My term has rolled by and as they say, a new chapter awaits.

Maybe I’ll start a plant hospital. I received my resident’s training in the treasurer’s office and have plenty of experience, although I did have some patients (patience) not fare well.

Road trips will be the new norm, if I can figure out how to accommodate our two cats. Adjustments will need to be made, probably by trial-and-error. You will still see the red truck with the water tank.  And I’ll still be at the county fair.

Geocaching and clogging sound interesting as well as air dropping. I’ve been to Denver to see the Broncos play (thank you all so much!). And I’ve been to Craig to see the miniature Broncos play. I’ve been in Grand Junction for cheerleading, and look forward to witnessing skills my grandkids have yet to develop.

My wardrobe may change somewhat as I love sweatshirts, but I will always be naked without earrings and my wedding band. I will totally become a2coolmoose@hotmail and will no longer be Karen.Arnold@rbc.us. I still have a land line and a country route mailbox. David is thinking “goats,” I’m thinking “raptors.” We may have to compromise. And the gardening challenge keeps calling me.

With 13 years as county treasurer and 26 years in that office, there’s no way I would say I didn’t like my job. All the co-employees, customers, vendors, agents and various business professionals I’ve worked with or served have been the real treasures, giving me rewards, lessons, bravery and guts along with gray hair and even some bruises. It was all good.

I’m leaving all taxpayers in steady, capable hands. Rhonna Waldref and her staff are set to give their best. Thank you for allowing me to represent Rio Blanco County and to serve you.

Karen Arnold