Letter: Health care bill will bankrupt America

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Our government is not listening to us and has not been listening for some time. Those in power seem to believe they know what is best for us whether we like it or not. Our tax dollars are thrown around like there is a never-ending supply. They don’t know or don’t care how hard it is to earn those dollars. The redistribution of wealth amounts to taking from those who have earned and giving to those who have not earned.
I called Congressman John Salazar’s office and asked him to vote “no” on the huge health-care bill before they voted the first and again before the second time. He voted “yes” last time, but I hope if more of us call him this time he will vote “no.” His office numbers are (970) 245-7107 and (202) 225-4761.
It is wrong what they are doing to our future generations and this great country. Our children will be slaves to China and other countries to pay off this huge debt, if the spending is not stopped now. I don’t trust our government to have our best interest at heart. They appear to have their own agenda and it doesn’t seem to be the agenda of most of the American people. Our government is out of control. If they continue in this lunacy, we will be bankrupt within a few years.
We must return the government to the people — a system that has worked for over 200 hundred years and made the United States of America the envy of the world.
Taxed enough already,
Lois Sampson